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What is it and how does it work?

CoParentChat is a mobile app that lets you send messages, questions or requests without “free text” typing, both Co-Parents choose from menu's of pre-set questions and answers to send to each other, allowing you to communicate without risking arguments or abuse.

Why? Because police statistics show that a domestic violence order is broken three times each hour on average in Queensland. Most of the time it’s something simple like a text message or email.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you a Co-Parent that needs to regularly communicate regarding your children, but want to avoid the unnecessary chit chat, mixed messages, petty comments or arguments and abuse that might crop up in normal messaging?
  • Do you need to communicate with a Co-Parent but want to start fresh with a new phone number or email address?
  • Do you have a DVO, AVO or other court order with clear conditions and restrictions about communication or contact with a Co-Parent or children?

If you said “Yes!” to any of these…the CoParentChat App has you covered. 7 Day Free Trial! 

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